A Su salud: Health Information in Spanish

A Su Salud: Health Information in Spanish Commercial Resources Abc medicus
Patients can email their questions to a doctor; read medical articles; search for doctors and hospitals.

Provides the latest, up-to-date information about mesothelioma and all asbestos issues, including asbestos cancer. There is a section for military veterans and information about legal options and rights.

Buscadores de Temas Médicos
Links to medical sites, medical journals, and Spanish language search engines.

Health topics links; search for non-Hispanic health sites; read updates pertaining to health issues; subscribe to an online newsletter.

Core Information Exchange Online (CIEO)
Provides a variety of resources pertaining to health, reprint of articles, practice guidelines, health providers guide, medical and cultural information, and multicultural medical/educational opportunities.

HIP Health Plan of New York
Provides the New York metropolitan area with information about its program that enables patients to have their heart conditions monitored in their homes using remote monitoring technology.

Links to newspapers in South America, Central America, and Spain with health related articles.

Patient-Centered Guides
Books and printouts pertaining to consumer health, childhood cancer, childhood leukemia, childhood brain and spinal cord tumors, adult bipolar disorders, and lung cancer.

Patient Education Materials Available in Foreign Languages
Links to Spanish language sites offering patient education handouts.

Higher Education Resources Border Health Resources
Regional Academic Health Center Library in Harlingen, Texas

Resources pertaining to border health issues.

Centro Médico Servicios Internationales
University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System

Answers to health information using saludhoy.com, health-care specialists answer questions about  health, medical and healthy lifestyle articles online.

Conectando Texas
Callier Center for Hearing and Speech Disorders: The University of Texas at Dallas

A resource for Texas health care providers and families of infants and young children who are deaf or hard of hearing can be found in the online version of the book Texas Connect.

Consumer Health and Patient Education Resources in Languages other than English
Weill Cornell Medical Library

A variety of health and medical information; drug index; and health information pertaining to children.

Consumer Health Links
Health Sciences & Human Services Library, University of Maryland

Links to national sites with health information in English and Spanish.

Consumer Health Links: Non-English Sites
MEDLINEplus, healthfinder, NOAH; links to sites with information about diabetes, aids, women's health, guidelines for evaluating health information, nutrition for teenagers, planned parenthood, and breast cancer.

Fuentes de Información para Profesionales de la Salud en Sonora
A variety of consumer health sites from the United States with information in Spanish. This page is especially for those in the Mexican state of Sonora which borders Arizona.

Health Education Brochures in Multiple Languages
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, The University of Utah

Electronic access to over 200 health education brochures.

Health Sciences and Nursing
New Mexico State University Library

Contains links to health information resources in New Mexico; links to electronic journals, guides and lists of resources, nursing resources, international health, and government and professional organizations in English and Spanish.

Hispanic Health Beliefs and Practices
Mexican and Mexican-Americans (Clinical Notes)

This gateway contains information about the history of immigration; communications; social relations; religion; health beliefs and practices; folk remedies; diet; pregnancies, childbirth, and child rearing; dying and death practices; disease prevention and health promotion; health problems; health risks of immigrants; recommended laboratory tests for immigrants; and helpful links and references.

Hispanic/Latino Health
Duke University Medical Center Library

Provides resources to facilitate interaction and communication between clinicians and patients.

HIV InSite: Latin America & the Caribbean
Provides information, factors; links to selected links, documents, periodicals, project web sites, major conferences, and news sources, related to the epidemic in English and Spanish.

Internet Listings for Patient Information/Consumer Health
Louis Calder Memeorial Library: University of Miami School of Medicine


Links to information about consumer health; Merck manual; and information about health issues and health services to non-English speaking peoples; and web links.

MedWeb at Emory University
MedWeb is a catalog of biomedical and health related web sites maintained by the staff of the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library at Emory University.
It includes a directory of Hispanic American Consumer Health sites.

New York University Medical Center
Patient and Family Resources Center

Links to CDC, Healthfinder, Merck manual, and NIH; a web pathfinder for  Spanish language health information.

Oregon Health & Science University Libraries:
Patient Education Resources for Clinicians

Patient education resources for clinicians pertaining to Spanish sites and low-literacy handouts

Patient Education and Consumer Health Information
Mercer University
The Patient Education and Consumer Health Information page consists of a wide range of medical and health information.

Patient Education Materials: Recursos en Español
Outlines resources that can be used to help develop written materials for patients and their families.

Salud en los países hispanohablantes
Medical information sites from different Spanish speaking countries. There’s sites with medical dictionaries, medical terms, newspapers and magazines with medical information, Spanish language search engines, and information about medical institutions and organizations in the Spanish speaking world.

Salud y Ciencias Médicas
Latin American Network Information Center

Links to medical schools, hospitals, and institutes throughout Latin America; International health/medical resources; links to information pertaining to cancer, aids, and pharmaceuticals; and links to international sites with health/medical information.

Spanish Health and Medical Links
Florida State University Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics


Spanish health and medical links for students enrolled in the course Spanish 2160r, Spanish for Health Professionals.

Government Resources

Cancer.gov: Algunos documentos específicos están en español
Press releases pertaining to cancer; information summaries about cancer; handouts from NCI; clinical studies; and pamphlets explain how to prevent cancer.

Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades
CDC en Español

Offers disease and health topics found on the CDC web site. More topics are being added.

Consumer Health Information on the Web
Consumer Health: An Online Manual (NN/LM)
A starting point for those beginning a search for consumer health information.

Consumer Health Materials in Spanish
Consumer Health: An Online Manual (NN/LM)
List of agencies, organizations, associations, book and video distributors providing information pertaining to Spanish language consumer health information.

FDA Food and Cosmetic International / Foreign Language Documents
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Information about cosmetics, food additives, foodborne illness, food labeling, food safety, imports and exports, inspections, pesticides and chemical contaminants, seafood and how to obtain information about the FDA.

Health Information for Spanish Health Care Workers
North Carolina AHEC Spanish Language and Cultural Training Initiative

Material for providers of health care to Hispanic patients and material for Hispanic patients. Also, includes a partial listing of resources for Hispanic health research.

Health InfoNet of Jefferson County
A consumer health information service for the residents of Jefferson County, Alabama. It provides resources to support groups, organizations, and medical information.

Healthfinder Español
Provides several hundred Spanish language resources for consumers.

Hispanic American Health
MEDLINEplus Health information

In MEDLINEplus information pertaining to Hispanic American health is available from a variety of national organizations.

Información sobre la Salud, Publicaciones en Español
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders 

Information pertaining to natural gas, meniere, and loss of hearing.

Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH)
Links to information pertaining to health conditions, research studies, drug information, health literature references, special programs, and federal agencies.

Instituto Nacional de las Ciencias Ambientales de la Salud (en EUA): en Español
Spanish language publications pertaining to diabetes, digestive diseases, kidney diseases, and urologic diseases.

Lista de Publicaciones en Español
Seguro Social en Español

Provides information about the social security program and disability, retirement, and survivor benefits; the appeals process, how to obtain a social security number, work and earnings information; and publications.

Locating Spanish Language Health Information on the World Wide Web
National Network of Libraries of Medicine (South Central Region)

Spanish language search engines for finding health/disease related information.

Medicare Español Overview
Search tools to information pertaining to Medicare personal plan finder, prescription drug programs, physician directory, helpful contacts, nursing home comparisons, dialysis facilities, and a supplier directory.

MEDLINEplus: Información de Salud
The National Library of Medicine's consumer-friendly health Web site. This site has hundreds of health topics in Spanish from federal government agencies, medical associations, and health-related organizations.  It includes a medical encyclopedia with illustrations and photographs to accompany 4,000 articles.  And, there are interactive tutorials pertaining to various health topics.

Multicultural Health Communication Service: Spanish
Health information for communities throughout New South Wales.

National Eye Institute: Información en español
Information in Spanish about eye diseases and disorders and vision eye care resources.

National Immunization Program (NIP)
These agencies have formed La Promesa (The Promise) to provide information to increase the awareness and importance of infant immunizations in Hispanic communities nationwide.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Provides publications and frequently asked questions about alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research: Información en Español

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases: Spanish-Language Publications
Publications pertaining to dental care, information from the Surgeon General and dental information from other government agencies.

National Institute of Mental Health: Información en Español
Links that give information about symptoms, diagnostics, and treatments of mental depression.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine, South Central Region
South Central Region medical library system of the National Library of Medicine.

Non-English Guides to using PubMed® Resources
Offers tutorials in the use of MEDLINE, Pubmed, Internet Grateful Med and searching of MEDLINE with instructions in Spanish.

Office of the Patient Advocate: State of California 
The OPA provides online sources of information on health plans.

Organización Mundial de la Salud
Health topics; information pertaining to current events and upcoming events occurring around the world.

Recursos en Español
National Women's Health Information Center

Health information and referral center in Spanish for women.

USDA Foreign Language Documents
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Consumer publications, easy-to-read brochures, food and cosmetics publications, and a manual explaining and evaluating drugs.

Workplace Safety & Health
Consumer and Industry Services: State of Michigan

The Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services' Bureau of Safety and Regulations helps Spanish-speaking workers access safety and health services.

Non-Profit Organization Resources

Access Project
Provides links to related immigration and health issues websites, state-by-state.

AL DÍA: El Boletín en Español
Family Caregiver Alliance

Articles, fact sheets, and quick tips pertaining to senior citizens.

American Lung Association: Información En Español
Guide to surviving the common cold and news pertaining to asthma, tobacco, and lung disease.

La Biblioteca de Salud PlaneTree
Information pertaining to a variey of health and wellness topics. Many of the resources can be found on MEDLINEplus.

Biblioteca Virtual en Salud
Centro Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Información en Ciencias de la Salud (BIREME)

Health information pages of several Latin American countries; scientific literature, search engines, and health terminology for physicians.

El Consejo de Salud Familiar
Council on Family Health (CFH)

A promotional campaign to educate women about the safe use of medicines and dietary supplements before, during and after pregnancy.

Consumer Action (Acción Pro Consumidor)
Information about medcial history, it's access, and confidentiality of one's medical history; changes in Medicare; coverage of HMO and patients rights; information about avoiding medical fraud and scams.

La Diabetes y Los Latinos
American Diabetes Association

Provides information about diabetes, how it affects Hispanics, its complications, and how to prevent it.

Cultural profiles, cultural beliefs, medical issues, clinical topics, patient education materials, references and further readings, and related sources on the internet of recent immigrants to Seattle and other parts of the USA.

Evaluation of English and Spanish Health Information on the Internet
Evaluation of English and Spanish health information pertaining to search engine performance, quality of health information, readability assessment of health information on the internet.

From the American Academy of Family Physicians, this general health site offers patient education documents for common medical concerns and conditions.

Health On the Net Foundation
Search medical information in Spanish on MedHunt and HONselect. Also, it includes access to the Spanish version of MESH.

Información de Salud para los Consumidores en Español
Consumer and Patient Health Information Section

This site contains gateways, search engines, and sites divided into subjects; Spanish medical terms site; sites pertaining to patient education handouts and videos in Spanish.

Información de Referencia Sobre el Cáncer
American Cancer Society

Resources pertaining to cancer, treatments, and coping; cancer types, cancer survivors information, statistics, and support groups.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
Links to information pertaining to asthma, blood, heart, heart attacks, and high blood pressure.

New York Online Access to Health (NOAH)
Search tool to find high quality, full text articles on consumer health information.

OBGYN.net Latina
Provides health information section, announcements, power point presentations, forums, news articles, and featured products related to women's health.

Oncology Nursing Society
Provides information research, publications, conferences, news, clinical practice, education pertaining to the oncology nursing field.

Organización Panamericana de la Salud
Provides health data, public health topics, and information resources to the people of the Americas.

Recursos para Bibliotecarios Biomédicos
Asociación de Bibiliotecas Biomédicas Argentinas
Provides institutions, databases, discussion groups, links to libraries, and portals for biomedical librarians.

Red Informática de Medicina Avanzada (RIMA)
This portal offers databases, information services, scientific programs for specialists, and connection to other medical specialists around the world.

Texas Medical Association
The site can be searched by subject for health and medical information in Spanish.

United States – Mexico Border Virtual Health Library
A bi-national group of health organizations, spearheaded by PAHO/WHO/BIREME, are providing access to their bilingual resources of electronic journals, dissertations, national and international forums and a directory of public health institutions.

Web Médica de Rafa Bravo
This page was created by Rafael Bravo Toledo and originates from Madrid, Spain. It contains articles, web sites, search engines, and resources for physicians.

content by James Phillips, Librarian
Nursing and Allied Health Campus
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